Car Lockout Service

In our new age most cars are designed to prevent you from locking the keys inside, however it may not always work! The most common problems that arise that prevent you from opening your car door are dead batteries in keyless entry remotes or a broken lock. These issues can be so inconvenient and annoying. Give us a call one of our trained car lockout service brooklyn members can get that door open, get you back on the road and save you the cost of a broken window.

Remember when people used to use coat hangers or slim jims to get you out of a car lockout situation? Those methods are defeated by more sophisticated methods. In todays modern world getting that lockout handled requires a skilled and experienced locksmith. Give us a call and with our roadside assistance our emergency operators will gather all the details needed and dispatch a truck to you ASAP. We’ll give you a free quote and an ETA so you can be confident in what you’re getting.

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